Damage Control Teaser4Damage Control is a sweet, gooey romance with a hit of drama and comedy. It’s a quick, easy read that will keep you entertained and show you that second chances do exist.

Set in two continents, this Hollywood romance proves that distances and misconceptions can be overcome, and a bad boy can change his ways. Join these endearing characters as they learn from their mistakes and return to their roots to discover a long-lasting, unshakeable love.


Recovering from a broken relationship, Emma Mitchell moves in with her best friend. Her life is quiet and uneventful, just how she likes it. Little does she know that the events of the following months will change her life forever.

Famous Hollywood actor James McNair is a renowned womanizer with a penchant for partying and hitting the tabloids for all the wrong reasons. When a night of partying a little too hard means he finally has to take stock and reevaluate his lifestyle. A week away from the flashing lights of Hollywood is just what he needs. What better place to hide than in his childhood home in Edinburgh, Scotland?

When the old friends are reunited, feelings resurface and sparks fly. But James must keep the pretense of his new persona until the premier of his biggest film in his career. He just has no idea if he’ll be able to keep his feelings for Emma under wraps until then.

Sometimes it takes more than damage control to find a happily ever after.

“Damage Control is a fast-paced, sweet, second-chance romance that will remind what it feels like to fall in love.”—Eva

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